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English for You is a member of HOSAC, Hastings Borough Council Overseas Student Advisory Council

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English Courses

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Business English Courses
include language training in:

þ Social English
þ Telephone calls
þ Participating in            meetings/conferences
þ Hotel arrangements
þ Ticket booking & airport procedures
þ Requesting information
þ Presenting companies' products
þ Negotiation
þ Many other areas of professional life

This course is about more than English language. It gives confidence and experience in a foreign country. It points out the ways to success in this competitive, very demanding world.

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Learn English


Hastings, UK.

Study English at English For You (established in 1988), a small school where not only the teachers but also the directors know all the students personally.
Remember, if you need anything we always listen and help you.


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View of Wellington Square

The school building is situated at the top of an elegant, 19th-century square near the beach ( 300 m) and town centre.
Hastings is a beautiful seaside resort with beaches, parks, a new shopping centre  and a charming Old Town. Hastings has been the most famous place in English history since the Battle of Hastings in 1066. It is 60 miles from London.


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To learn English in England makes sense.

Remember, if you need anything we always listen and help you.

All students are given a placement test and/or an interview on the first day of their course. This ensures that they join the right class for their level.

Our teachers plan and teach their lessons according to the particular needs of the learners in their classes. They use published courses as well as their own materials designed for your needs. You don't need to buy any course materials.

The emphasis in class time is on speaking and listening, with most of the reading and writing being done for homework.


Our welfare service is always available to help you with anything from information on telephoning home to arranging a doctor’s appointment. When you arrive, we talk to you about living in England and studying with us. We give you free information packs about Hastings, the local area and the school. Every student receives an EFY student identity card. We also provide you with a 24-hour telephone number for help should you need it. 

English For You is a member of  HOSAC, the Hastings Overseas Student Advisory Council, which is associated with Hastings Borough Council’s Tourism Department.

Contact Information

+44 (1424) 436292
+44 (1424) 717320

25 Wellington Square, Hastings, East Sussex TN34 1PN, England





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